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healthy travel snacks

Staying healthy while travelling with healthy travel snacks… Is that possible?


It’s pretty tricky to stay healthy while travelling. When I was in recovery, this was one of my biggest challenges and triggers (and as I used to travel a lot, this was not an easy thing).


Plane’s food is usually pretty bad; poor quality + overcooked + not a lot of fresh fruits & veggies + you don’t know where it comes from… so I am thinking straight away to GMOs, trans fats, chemicals, etc.


At the beginning I thought I was probably the only one who was struggling with plane’s food because of my eating disorder but I quickly realised that health conscious people were actually all trying to find tricks to travel healthy, healthy travel snack ideas… and were as scared as me of plane’s food, even if they didn’t have any eating disorders.


After a few trips to Europe to see my family and around Australia to visit the country, I was actually able to prepare awesome healthy travel snacks to eat healthy and yummy foods along the way.


The secret lies in planning and packing your easy and healthy travel snacks in advance



Healthy Travel snacks

Today, I am preparing everything to go to Fiji. I am quite lucky to spend Christmas and New Year over there with Niko, my amazing boyfriend. And to start the holidays happy, healthy and feeling amazing, here are the healthy travel snacks I’ve prepared to take with me for the 5 hours flight: raw nuts and goji berries trail mix, a bottle of coconut water, a few cherry tomatoes, sprouted bread toast with avocado and a banana.


Obviously when I have a 26+ hours flight to Europe, I try to plan things that can stay good and survive the flight. Avoid the avocado toasts, unless you eat them straight-away.


So, if you are travelling quite far, organic pre-packaged miso soups are great. Take your herbal teas as well as most airlines offer coffee and black tea only. Which I find quite crazy when you have to stay on your seat during more than 10 hours straight (mission impossible for me :D ).
As per the avocado toasts, packing a fresh meal is actually not the best idea for long flights. I remember having a quinoa salad with some garlic with me and the smell was so strong that I was really embarrassed in the plane. I finished by throwing it away during the first stop-over… Not ideal ha ha ha!


I’ve prepared a quick shopping list for you with some easy ideas for health travel snacks:


  • Fresh fruits and veggies (such as cherry tomatoes, bananas, apples, carrot and cucumber sticks…)
  • Trail mix with goji berries and/or raw nuts and seeds
  • Organic pre-packaged miso soups
  • Herbal teas
  • Sprouted bread sandwiches with avocado, veggies and cashew cheese (or just with tahini or nut butter)
  • Raw, organic, sugar free dark chocolate
  • Small bottles of coconut water


What are your tricks and tips for healthy travelling? Do you have specific healthy travel snacks that you love?

If yes, share them in the comments below, we’d LOVE to hear your tips! …And don’t forget to sign-up below to receive your FREE copy of My Healthy & Happy People Recipe Book!


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