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Many people think that their bulimia or eating disorder is part of their personality and that recovery will just be impossible. They think they will have to change their whole life overnight and that total recovery will never happen.


On top of being quite destructive, all these false beliefs are holding them back.


I actually was like that during many years when I was struggling with bulimia. I thought I was totally broken. I thought I couldn’t eat normally because I was already struggling to stay at my ‘normal’ weight. I thought that if I stopped bingeing and purging, I would put on weight like crazy and become an enormous balloon. I thought that is that happened, nobody would like to talk to me anymore :D


But now that I am recovered and that I can see clearly, knowing that other awesome people like you are stuck by these limiting believes is something that makes me quite sad.


That’s why I wanted to share with you a few tips to start recovery. Because it’s possible and you can do it, beautiful! You can choose to be free!


The first question to ask yourself is probably “why are you bulimic?” or “why are you struggling with food?” This is a question that heaps of us are wondering and I’ve answered it in a 1:46 min video blog that I really encourage you to watch!


Now, when I think about all the limiting beliefs and fears I was nourishing about myself and my relationship with food, it makes me smile!

It makes me smile because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our bodies are totally amazing. Modern science doesn’t even know everything about it. And when you think we are only using 20% of our brain, you know that we are clearly missing something here.


It’s only when I started recovery and decided to “give it a try for a few months”, just to see what will happen that I understood that I could trust my body more than my brain. That my body knew how to take care of itself naturally.


Your body is the most powerful machine on earth and it will do anything to stay healthy.

So, when you understand that, it’s not surprising to see that it will push you to eat anything if you try to starve yourself or restrict your food intake. Many people still think that their eating issues are part of their personality but 90% of the time, people develop bulimia or any eating disorders by the simple fact of dieting. Obviously, you might start a diet for many different reasons (fear of being rejected, of being not good enough, etc), so everyone has its own good reasons. But dieting is a common factor.


So if you are struggling with bulimia or binge eating and don’t know why, like I was, try to remember the first time you tried a diet or started to restrict your food intake and you will probably notice that binge eating, overeating or bulimia started not long after.


To recover from bulimia, you will have to accept to stop restricting your food intake and start nourishing your body regularly. Structured Eating is a great starting point for that and you can find more details about that in this 4:35 min video.


So here is a quick step by step process to start recovery:




If you want results, you have to take action. So share your insights in the comments below. Just write YES if you are ready to change your relation with food & what you are going to do this week to get started ;)


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