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A little while ago, I’ve published an article about the importance to stop following any dietary rules in order to be perfectly in tuned with your body.


However, I know just too well how easy it is, in our modern societies, to get confused around food and loose the natural connection that tells us what our body truly needs.


Each and every day, we are facing tones of messages about what we should or should not eat; new diets, new trends, recommendations, advertising and an enormous quantity of food of all sorts everywhere.

No surprise that many of us have developed, at one stage or another, a tortuous relationship with food. This is why my goal here is to share how to make peace with food and the number one key that will help you with that.

It took me about 28 years and more than 15 years of struggles with full-blown bulimia to figure out that the key to freedom was to be able to reconnect to our natural state. The goal being to develop such an intimate connection with your own body that it would be easy to listen to it and follow its signals.

I deeply believe this is how we are meant to function.


Hundreds of years ago, there was no marketing, advertising or nutritionists to tell us what was good or bad for us. Yet, we were able to make these personal decisions and diabetes and obesity didn’t exist.

The problem in today’s life is that very instinctive and personal decisions such as diet and food choices have been intellectualised.


This is why very smart and successful people can often be stuck in a tortuous relationship with food.

I deeply believe that listening to your body and being able to deconstruct its signals and cravings is the key to freedom when it comes to health and food choices.

But I know what you might be thinking.

You’re probably thinking it would be totally crazy to listen to your body signals. That if you did so, you’d probably be eating way too much fats or be downing a pint of ice cream every night, right?

I know how you feel and I know this might sound counterproductive, but these crazy cravings won’t last forever. I’ve experienced first hand that these cravings for junk food or sugar will quickly dissipate if you only allow yourself to have them whenever you want.

This is the exact same process as asking you not thinking about a pink elephant. The only thing you can think about is this, a pink elephant. Our brain doesn’t work with the negative so well. So by focusing too much on avoiding certain foods, the only foods you will want to eat will be the exact ones you are trying to avoid.

The truth is that if you have crazy uncontrollable cravings, this probably means that you’ve denied your body signals for too long. Focusing on avoiding these foods so much and relying on your brain to make such instinctive decisions has erased your instinctive mechanisms.

But don’t worry, your body is very powerful and will be able to get back on track easily if you allow it to take over the driver’s seat again.

How crazy that may sound, to end confusion around food and crazy cravings, you will first need to eat what you really want to eat. Because this is only when everything will be allowed that your body will automatically push you to healthy foods that make you feel great.

An important note to make this transition is to provide proper nutrition to your body during this period of adaptation. So even if you want to eat things that you’ve avoided for many years for a few days or even a few weeks, it’s good to add things in such as fresh juices and veggies, supplements or superfoods to support nourishment. Often, just starting to eat these forbidden foods again is enough to realise that they actually don’t taste as good as you thought they would and stop craving them forever.


If you want more free resources to help you create a more peaceful relationship with food as well as free coaching videos, check out the Make Peace With Food, Change Your Life website.


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  1. Ellie says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Pauline. I really hope my cravings for dairy/nuts end soon xx

    • pauline says:

      That’s great that you can relate lovely! Ask yourself why your body needs these foods atm? Is that for the proteins, the fats or certain minerals that it lacks? It can be for many different very good reasons!

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