How To Balance Hormones Naturally, Boost Your Mood, Health & Fertility

How I stopped the pill, lost my hair, didn't get a period for over a year & naturally got my body back to hormonal balance...

How To Balance Hormones Naturally, Boost Your Mood, Health & Fertility


For over ten years of my life, like most women in our societies, I’ve been on the contraceptive pill. A pill that was so strong (Diane 35) that it has been removed from the European market a couple of years ago. They finally decided that it was too dangerous for girls and women to take this drug.


Scary, right?

Yet I took this every single day for over 14 years.

Back in my teens, I had very bad acne and I’ve been prescribed Diane 35 to treat this condition. I was 16 at that time and I was still far from questioning doctors’ advices and recommendations, unfortunately.

In just a few months, I put 8 kilos on and had to treat my breasts with anti stretch mark creams designed for pregnant women (at 16). Sounds horrible, right?

But weight gain and stretch marks were just the first few issues I experienced with this pill. Of course, I was still quite young at that stage and kept taking it, as advised by my GP.

Fast-forward to my 26th birthday, I decided that I should take a break from it and trust my body a bit more. The results were even scarier. Not only my periods were inexistent but I also started to lose my hair quite heavily.


Losing my hair! What?!?

Read more details about that here if you experience the same issue.

I was scared but courageous enough to wait another 9 months to see if this condition will get better. But no improvements showed up and I got back on the pill as advised by all the doctors I consulted (GP’s, gynaecologists, hormonal experts, etc). After all, I didn’t want to get pregnant, so why stopping the pill? Such a crazy idea!

The thing is that, at that time, I thought these symptoms could also be linked to my struggles with food. So I got back to it and felt better. Everyone was happy: my hair grew again normally and the ‘big pharmas’ could keep making money by selling me poison.

Until just over 18 months ago, I decided that it was time to give it another try. Bulimia was part of my past and I thought I was healthy enough to undergo similar issues.

However, the results were the exact same but this time, I decided to trust my body more than anything else. I knew it would know best how to get back to balance. I wouldn’t get back to the pill, no matter what!

This time, I was armed. I was also much more informed about health, natural remedies and holistic nutrition than ever before. I knew how to truly heal and take care of myself.

In 12 months time, not only my hair was thicker and healthier than ever but my periods were back and almost regular again. I realised it was the first time in 15 years I experienced hormonal balance. You have no idea how freaking happy I was.

So how did I do it?


Here is my step-by-step method to Balance Hormones Naturally, Boost Your Mood, Health & Fertility


1. I started to eat animal protein again (organic, pasture eggs, free-range chicken and occasionally some grass-fed red meat)

The truth is you need good animal protein to regulate your hormones and repair tissues (gut tissue where absorption happens). Hormones are also regulated by muscle mass and you can’t build muscle mass without good quality animal protein. So eat your protein and exercise to build a minimum of muscle mass, because it will help you to balance your hormones.

This is my experience. If you have questions about this, just read this post where I explain why and how I reintroduced animal protein into my diet.

Also did you know that the Birth Control Pill prevents muscle gain in young women and worsens insulin resistance, creating hormone imbalance? Read more about that here.


2. Ditch the Gluten and help your body detox from it by taking some anti-inflammatory supplements

It can be adding fresh aloe vera into your smoothies or taking a fish oil supplement.

Ditching gluten has been a game changer for me. It helped me understand that I actually was full-blown allergic to wheat and answered heaps of questions I had about my health and digestion. It turns out that I digest animal protein way better than grains and that makes me a healthier person, generally speaking. The fact that I was not digesting gluten and wheat properly created inflammation in my gut and absorption issues, messing up with my hormones and general health.

Note that when I stopped the pill for the second and last time, I stayed about 9 months without my periods. They came back naturally just 6 weeks after I stopped eating gluten. I deeply believe this is not a coincidence.


3. Make sure you break down your food properly

Especially proteins, they are harder to break down and you need the full range of amino acids they contain to be healthy.

I highly suggest taking digestive enzymes before your main meal to help your digestion and make sure you don’t send any waste to your gut, creating and nourishing inflammation and malabsorption.


4. Repair your gut

Something that played a huge role for me was to repair my gut and absorption with L-Glutamine and zinc supplements. It’s cost effective and works really well to repair your tissues. I also recommend eating fermented foods daily to help replenishing gut flora.


5. Make sure you take a multi-vitamin for several months to make sure you replenish your stocks fully

All these steps allowed me to heal fully, balance my hormones, solve my hair loss issues and get my periods regularly again, like a real women – as we are all meant to be.

I am 100% confident that if you are experiencing the same issues, this will help you too.

However, be aware that if that doesn’t work that well for you, there might be other things blocking you from ovulating regularly. PCOS and low body mass (being underweight) are the 2 most common reasons.

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS, I highly recommend you to read Lara Briden’s blog. Lara is awesome and gives high quality information about women’s hormonal health on her blog. In this specific post, she explains the different types of PCOS, how you can heal this condition according to the type of PCOS you’re currently experiencing.


PS: Of course I DON’T recommend everyone to stop any type of contraception, stop controlling their lives and get pregnant. It seems obvious to me but I prefer to mention it!

There are so many different types of natural contraception out there that I am sure anyone can find what’s best for her – from the old condom to charting, just do your researches to find what’s best for you. For my part, I used charting and the very handy Kindara app.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your experience with the pill? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. How is it like for you? Leave me your thoughts and insights in the comments below.




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