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After recovering from my lifelong battle with bulimia, I realised that my full time job as Digital Project Manager wasn’t serving my health at all.


It was intense, stressful, and very poorly rewarding or fulfilling.


I quickly realised that I had to choose between my health and my job. They weren’t going along very well and I couldn’t deny what was the most important for me anymore.


I had faith and believed enough in myself to quit my full-time, well-paying job before even having a plan B. I just knew that I needed time for myself to reflect and think about what I wanted from my life in the future.


Just a few weeks after I quit my job, before I even finished my notice period, someone told me about the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.


And here is how the Institute For Integrative Nutrition totally changed my life…


IIN came into my life as a total miracle. I never heard about it before even though I was looking for such options for several years.


It took me 2 days to read all the documentation and enrol into the program. I was so excited to be on board and the whole tuition seemed built for me.


It was like a dream:

No need to go back to school, I could keep freelancing as a project manager sporadically for financial support, no boring classes about things I didn’t need to know, a tuition I could afford and a wide array of interesting classes by experts from all over the world.


Studying had never been so great. I was actually looking forward to receive new content and classes.


I also quickly started to meet other students who lived in the same city. We all helped – and still are – each other out and the classes were all super interesting. Total heaven!


After just 6 months into the program I had my first clients and I never, ever looked back.


Today, I am not only able to do what I love for a living, I am able to help people make peace with food and change their lives. This is incredibly rewarding. Check out what they say here.


I am able to bring a new perspective in the eating disorder world and I can do that, from my laptop, anywhere in the world.


I am not loosing my time and energy in a job I don’t like anymore. Instead I can cultivate them and be of service to create a healthier world.


If you too, you are passionate about healthy living and holistic nutrition. If you want to create something better, not only for yourself, but for all the people around you. If you want to contribute to a better, healthier world, I think you might be interested by this wonderful school.


You can download your free starter kit today and / or contact me to register for the next free online info session.



Feel free to schedule a call with them here today and mention my name to benefit from this amazing opportunity.



You can also download your FREE Raw Food Guide from IIN here.


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