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A few months ago, on my 31st birthday, I got this monthly signal that my body was back into balance, such a beautiful birthday gift you’d say.


Well, for me, it truly was. It was the first time in years that my body was naturally back into balance. I just couldn’t believe it!


If you live in Australia, you probably know Nat Kringoudis as THE reference when it comes to women’s hormonal health. And this amazing soul definitely inspired me to dig a bit deeper to understand what was happening with my own hormones.


To be honest, she was the very first one who could explain exactly what I was going through in this very interesting blog post: You’ve ditched the pill… Now you’re losing your hair?!


This is why, when my soul sister Nicky, Chief Inspirer at Holistic Healing, saw we were both celebrating our 8 years anniversary on the exact same day, she asked me “have you seen this amazing synchronicity?” (because yes, I share a LOT of personal stuffs with Nicky. Having met in a cleanse program in Bali, we are able to spend hours sharing heaps of interesting conversations about things most people don’t even talk about).


This is how I knew I had to ask Nat to share a few things on the blog because I know it might just open your eyes on how to understand your body better and take your hormonal health in charge. No need to mention that by doing this, you can clearly change your life, avoid PMS, acne or mood swings and feel way better in your beautiful body.


Thanks so much Nat, for sharing your knowledge with us ;)


1. Many women are struggling with body image and/or food issues nowadays. 
Even though it might make sense to think that restricting food intake or following specific diets can help, we often don’t realise how damaging this can be to our health and hormonal balance. Can you tell us what you think about extreme / restrictive diets and how this can impact our body and hormonal balance?


Well, the load and stress this places on the body is ridiculous, not to mention long term restrictive diets aren’t sustainable. When we starve ourselves obviously our bodies go into famine mode, which can take our hormones offline meaning not only is the body screaming for nutrients, but our bodies are smart and delegate the energy toward survival.  When our hormones aren’t fuelled we can experience an array of symptom from missing periods through to anxiety and depression.  It’s dangerous to say the least.



2. Lack of libido, lack of periods and hair loss are extreme issues women can experience due to hormonal unbalance. Can you tell us if there are others – more subtle – body warning signs we have to pay attention to that can tell us that something is not quite right?


Yes absolutely any menstrual irregularities are a sign of unhappy hormones.  Think ovulation pain, acne, PMS, pre period spotting, skin irritations, weight gain, digestive issues… the list goes on!


3. You talked about how gut issues can impact our health, hormonal balance and fertility. I know many women don’t actually realise they have gut issues until it’s too late. What would you recommend to easily make sure our gut health is at its optimal?


The pill is a killer for upsetting gut health as are poor diet and lifestyle.  Utilising probtoics and fermented foods daily can ensure that the gut bacteria balance be well nourished which helps to balance hormones – because if your gut can’t assimilate nutrients from you food, it can’t go on to make killer hormones!


4. What are the best 3 things any women can start integrating in their life to get back to a healthy, happy and balanced hormonal body?


1. Investing TIME into ourselves every single day.  How can we expect good things if we don’t care for ourselves?  Stress is a fizzer – each day we need to do things mindfully to help counterbalance it’s effects ie. yoga, a walk, a bath or even reading a book.


2. Nourish yourself.  Feeding your body with amazing fuel is the only way toward better health


3. Be social, laugh and dance.  Even if you have a dance off with your office door closed.  It’s does amazing things for happy hormones, releases serotonin and helps to move cortisol.


5. What’s next for you and what should we be looking for in the near future?


We’re all systems go with the amazing lifestyle Debunking Stress event – 23rd August!  It’s going to be like nothing else, we have a panel of people who have lived their own public personal stress.  This will become the next e-course in early October.  We are also launching my new book ‘Well & Good’ in early September.  It certainly is exciting times ahead!



You can find our amazing Nat Kringoudis, THE hormone revolutionist and everything she shares on her site



Dr of Chinese Medicine and women’s health expert, she’s recognised the desperate need to dig in deep and help others understand stress and the epic load it is having on us collectively.  She has created a series of online ecourses Debunking Ovulation - helping women to fully understand their menstrual cycles for conception OR contraception and her second ecourse Debunking PCOS - helping women treat hormone imbalance no matter what (don’t be put off by the PCOS title).



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    Yay!!!!! Let’s talk about things others don’t talk about all the time! You’re my breath of fresh air my love x x x

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    A breath of fresh air indeed, thank you so much for sharing. I always find good articles and interviews here. Amybeth Hurst, Portland, ME

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    Guest Interview: Nat Kringoudis, THE hormone revolutionistPauline Hanuise…

    [...]hair breakage on the top of my head so ugly!!!! Lol postpartum pregnancy hair loss ain’t no joke

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