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Michelle Marie Mc Grath

I am thrilled to introduce you to this week’s guest, the wonderful Michelle Marie McGrath from Sacred Self. If you don’t know her yet, I am sure you will love her and if you do know her, you already know that she is fabulous and that her work is truly fantastic.


Originally from Manchester in the UK, Michelle lives in Sydney and has been in Australia for 16 years. After having travelled extensively around the globe, she admits feeling very blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Her vision with Sacred Self is to create products and services that spread self-love around the world. Everything she does and considers connects back in with this intention and so it’s easy for her to know whether or not if something is in alignment, she explains.

She has also been speaking and writing regularly on the topic of self-love this year. She is a co-author of the “Love & Oneness” book, in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series, alongside amazing women such as Marianne Williamson, Danielle Laporte, Lisa McCourt and lots of others.  This was launched in November 2012 and is a wonderful inspirational book of real-life stories and experiences about love. Michelle contributed a chapter about her journey into self-love.


If you haven’t checked these beautiful books yet, I really recommend you to do so ;)


Could you please explain what brought you there/how did you find your path?


To cut a VERY long story short, I started to feel increasingly dissatisfied with my life in my late 20’s and kept asking myself what was wrong with me.  Meditating one night I asked myself what I most needed and the answer I receive was ‘self-love’. I had no idea what that meant and so I kept questioning myself about what that would be like for me. I felt guided to state a commitment to “let go of everything preventing me from embracing 100% self-love” and then proceeded to become very familiar with every part of me that was totally out of alignment with that goal. Not pleasant.  It was throughout this journey over roughly a 10 year period that I came to get to know myself and all the vulnerable parts of me that I had ignored, denied and repressed. Unsurprisingly this brought with it many life changes including a miscarriage, cancer scare, divorce, depression, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. Many of my relationships also fell away and changed as I changed internally. I felt as though I was in an neverending tunnel with no light at the end of it.  I’m happy to say I can see now how it was absolutely necessary and our biggest challenges also hold our greatest gifts.


What’s new and good regarding your projects & what do you plan for the near future?


I’m very excited about an upcoming ecourse 33 Days of Self-love which starts in January 2013.  I’m planning a series of free video interviews of Self-love for the Chakras with the wonderful Annie Evans, starting in February 2013.  Will also be having “A Day of Self-love” in Sydney with some wonderful Self-love Sisters, which we ran in Melbourne last year.  Currently in discussion for some other events and speaking engagements.  I will also start writing a book about Self-love very shortly.


Can you tell us a bit more about your Self-Love Alchemical oils (& cards) and how did that impact your life?


Self-Love Cards

As mentioned above, I went through a very dark period of several years and the Sacred Self self-love range of 33 Alchemical oils and cards were birthed through this period – 9 years in completion.  I never set out to ‘create’ them; the information came through me intuitively and I just followed what I was receiving.  Much of the time, it made no sense to me, but something was urging me on. I realised that they were gifts to AND from the most challenging aspects of me.


They seem to bring certain behavioural patterns into conscious awareness and then assist in balancing those patterns and bringing them back into our heart space.  A combination of love, organic essential oils, vibrational essences, an affirmation and energetic healing principles, they really do seem to have a life of their own. Birthing these products and then sharing them with others has completely changed my life. At my lowest point, I would never have foreseen that I would be doing this, writing about it, speaking about it, but now of course, it seems obvious!  These are vibrational healing tools for self-empowerment and reminders that all the love we are seeking is inside.


What was your best holiday/trip & why? 


Oooh this is really difficult because I’ve travelled a lot.  One trip that had a big impact on me was trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal. Aside from the stunning scenery which made me feel as though I was in a postcard, with the snow-tipped mountains, prayer flags and sounds of bells, what struck me most was the beautiful people. They live so simply and with so little material and yet were so generous and welcoming. They washed themselves, their clothes and other items all in the same stream. There was no access to running water. It was a luxury to stay somewhere where they could heat up a pan of water for us to use for a ‘shower’. Hot water never felt so good. I hadn’t realised up until that point, just how much I took for granted.

As we travelled through remote villages, the children would rush out to greet us with such excitement. They played with empty boxes and pieces of string and yet seemed so content. They acted as though they had won the lottery when we gave them notepads and pens and were so grateful. It was an extremely humbling and emotional experience and put so much in perspective for me. Regardless of how ‘tough’ things may seem at times when it seems like finances are not flowing and bills are coming in – we are still in the top 8% of the wealthiest people in the world, if we have a roof over our head and access to clean running water. It was a reality check.


What’s your favourite beauty product/cosmetic?


Sacred Self Alchemical Oils

Sacred Self’s self-love oil of course for inside-out beauty haha! I use Receive Alchemical oil skin treat most nights, which contains organic rosehip, avocado, jojoba, sandalwood, frankincense and neroli as well as all the other goodies packed in there. I LOVE organic coconut oil for just about anything and enjoy trying new organic products, but also like Weleda, Dr Hauschka – old favourites and Alchemy shower gel. I use a lot of organic hydrosols too. I’m enjoying Ere Perez makeup.


What’s your most important health secret?


Self-love. And laughter! There is nothing better than a good belly laugh. Laughter is a great self-love tip! ;-)


Life is a continual improvement, what did you learn lately?


I was reminded (again) recently that I don’t need to wait until I ‘feel’ ready to do something. I can just start it and keep taking steps every day. So often we feel we don’t have enough knowledge or enough experience and yet we can’t get either of these two things until we take action. So why wait?


What tip/advice would you give to our readers to help them reach their dreams/happiness?


Take the time to really listen to your heart. The relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. If you invested half the time in yourself as in a loved one, imagine how intimately you would know yourself? You would be really clear on what you want, how you feel and what’s important to you… it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. Then decisions are much easier because you are in tune with yourself.



Michelle’s favourite?


Affirmation - I love and accept myself


Quote - Oooh so many. One that immediately comes to mind is “I am the one I’m waiting for.



There are too many favourites!  It’s a tie between “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz and “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. I learn something new and see a different perspective each time I pick them up.


Band/Singer - It depends on my mood. At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Krishna Das as I find his music so grounding.


Dish/food - I’m addicted to avocado and have it every day.



A wonderful film that I saw recently was “Miss Representation” which I highly recommend, about the limited way that the media portrays girls and women and how this is reducing opportunities for them in positions of leadership. Extremely thought-provoking.


Season & why - Spring. It’s a time for new beginnings. A reminder that life has its own natural cycle and some things cannot be forced.


Hobby - Does meditating in the bath count as a hobby? Hahaa!



I love stand up comedy. It’s the best tension reliever and immediately gets me back into the flow as my body really relaxes. Ok I also LOVE massages and I meditate each night, even if only for 5-10 minutes.


You could not live without… LOVE and more importantly self-love ;-)


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