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I am so glad to introduce you to the wonderful Julie Parker from Beautiful You. Julie’s work has changed the lives of many people and her book “My Recovery” is very inspiring.

Julie Parker


Julie is a life and business coach and counselor for women who want to find their real beauty and true work and live beautiful lives. She grew up in the Western District of Victoria near a small country town called Beaufort where her family had a lovely farm.  She now lives in Melbourne with her husband, stepdaughter and their two beautiful rescue cats; Cookie and Leo.


Could you please explain how did you find your path?


I grew up in a family that was very community and volunteer orientated and that played an enormous role in me wanting to work in a field where I was playing a significant role in helping others. I trained as a social worker and for many years worked in community health counseling girls and women which I loved. I then later trained to be a coach and held a number of management positions in the charity sector working particularly in the area of business development and corporate partnerships.


Four years ago I branched out and started my own life and business coaching and counseling practice, Beautiful You, and it’s gone from strength to strength ever since. This makes me very grateful, particularly as every day I get to work with the most amazing women who are trying to create beautiful experiences and lives for themselves.


What’s new and good regarding your projects & what do you plan for the near future?


I’m proud to say I have just had my first book published.  ‘My Recovery: Inspiring Stories, Recovery Tips and Messages of Hope from Eating Disorder Survivors’ was a labour of love for the many people I have worked with who have had eating disorders. Issues relating to self-love, self-esteem, food, weight, dieting are my counseling specialty and I wanted this book to be a hopeful one to remind anyone still struggling that recovery is truly possible.


I also have a new ebook about to come out called ‘Build Your Biz and Blog With Love’. It has the most incredible contributors and I can’t wait for it to be released to the world and support other women to continue building their own success path in business and blogging.


What was your best holiday/trip & why?


A 10 day trip to New York with my husband. It was his first time there and it was magical for me to see his reaction to one of my favourite cities in the world.


What’s your favourite beauty product/cosmetic?


I only wear chemical free/all natural beauty products and cosmetics that have not been tested on animals. I love mineral foundation from Adorn Mineral Cosmetics and Zuii Mascara and Lipsticks.


What’s your most important health secret?


Self-love. When you truly love yourself you want to take care of yourself in the way that works best for you.


Life is a continual improvement, what did you learn lately?


That I can still get nervous… something I didn’t think possible until just recently. It was at first a shock but then actually a lovely learning experience because it simply made me realize that what I was about to do was very important to me.


What tip/advice would you give to our readers to help them reach their dreams/happiness?


Do what you truly, really, heart-tuggingly want to do. Don’t be worried if it’s not what you studied for, will mean moving, what others may say, etc. Just do what you, yourself, know you want to do. And if you’re not sure of what that may be get some help in finding out. To me, this is the brightest and best path for anyone to take in living a beautiful life that is filled with happiness and contentment.


What tip/advice would you give to people suffering from ED and would like to recover?


Have hope. Even when things feel dark and virtually impossible to overcome, having hope will help see you through. With hope you can be better and recovered, anything becomes possible.


Julie’s favourites?



‘I am loved’



I have thought about this intensely and there are simply TOO many.  Hence yes; I am a bit of a quote junkie!



The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz



Super Green Smoothie

Ella Fitzgerald



Right now I am loving green smoothies, particularly with some frozen berries in the mix.



Out of Africa


Season & why

Autumn for the beautiful colours and not too hot or cold.



Going to the movies… preferably Gold Class!





You could not live without… My husband’s hugs.
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