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I am so excited to share my first series of video interviews with you! Personally, I love that and if you are like me, I know you might prefer watching a great & funny short video than reading a long article.

For this first video interview, I have the pleasure to introduce you to one of my besties Alexa Nehter.

Alexa is the owner and creator of the YOGIC website and community. She has a very inspiring and popular Facebook page that I really encourage you to check.

Alexa & I met while studying at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. We were clearly meant to connect & quickly became buddies. As you will see, we  have many things in common.

In this interview Alexa is sharing her own experience with eating disorders as well as the things that helped her to heal and recover. You don’t want to miss her insights!

And as you can see on the pictures below, we had lots of fun doing this interview :D

I hope you’re going to enjoy watching it as much as we did!


Pauline & Alexa

PS: Pardon us the few glitches, it will better next time ;)

Alexa Nehter & Pauline Hanuise


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