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Whoohoo beautiful,


Today it’s a very special day for me!


It’s my birthday!!
AND I am turning 30!!!


I can’t believe it… but you know what’s the best thing?
I am feeling absolutely freaking FA-BU-LOUS!!!


A few years earlier, I would have feel awful to turn 30 (I remember how painful it was for me to turn 26).


I was not accepting to get older and not being fulfilled with my life. I was leaving totally scared of not being good enough, not being successful enough. I was frustrated about not owning my own house, not having the most beautiful company car or even not being as thin as I would have wished for my 30′s BDay party.


It was all – and excuse me this term – shit in my own head. I was just unable to see straight. I was thinking that all this appearance & material stuffs would fill me up one day (and while waiting for that day, I was filling the gap with food…) :(


But you know what? 

Respect pauline hanuise
Today I’ve stopped focusing on these things, which wouldn’t make me happier anyway.


Instead, I am focusing on all the amazing things I have in my wonderful life: I’ve travelled the world, I am perfectly bilingual, I’ve got a beautiful relationship with the man of my life, I’ve recovered from a lifelong freaking horrible illness that most people don’t even know about, I am helping amazing women all over the world to regain freedom over food, I’ve created my own business, I am taking ownership for my health, my life and my happiness…


I am turning 30 and I’ve never felt so damn-good in my whole life! 

Whoohoo, go me! :D


Your turn now! AND I am gonna send 3 of you a present!


Two of you will receive a pack of Sacred Self Self-Love cards and the third lucky one will receive 2 x 50min 1:1 coaching sessions with me!

If you ever wanted to improve your relationship with food, this is your chance!

So, go ahead and make a list of all the great things you’ve got in your A-MA-ZING life, share that in the comments below + share that with your friends, as they might want to win one of these presents as well ;)
Don’t forget to tell me where you are from in your answer.

That will be the most beautiful birthday gift for me!

Later this week, I am gonna pick the 3 most inspiring answers. So keep an eye on that as I might contact you via Facebook to send you your gift!


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Lots of love

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