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Two weeks ago, I created a new awesome free eBook: 7 Secrets To Make Peace With Food (link below).

And - [BIG NEWS] - I’ve decided to create a powerful and free email coaching series that goes with it, just for you.


free coaching


I’ve created these awesome resources in preparation for the new Make Peace With Food online program that we’ll officially launch very soon.


But the thing is – whether or not you’re joining us in the program - I wanted to give you what you need to erase your destructive patterns around food and finally reach your goals and be at your best!


This is why this eBook and email coaching series will give you a practical step-by-step process, some powerful and tactical tips and advices to help you get results quickly.


Through the email series, I’ll stand up by your side, every step of the way, to make sure you get results from it!


And I promise that if you commit to it and apply the concepts, you can look forward to greatly reducing your binges / destructive eating episodes in frequency and intensity over the next few weeks!


So are you on board, Beautiful?


If you’ve already downloaded the eBook, you’ll automatically receive the email series when it starts next week.


If you haven’t yet, don’t wait anymore and click this link to get your free eBook and the FREE email coaching series that goes with it…



FREE eBook + email coaching

Get 7 Secrets To Make Peace With Food:
your FREE eBook + a 2-week email coaching series!

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