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Erasing The Cause Of All Suffering

Erasing The Cause Of All Suffering. Forever.


I used to unconsciously nourish a real love story with all kind of suffering. I was such a victim of my own emotions and feelings that sometimes, I was even wondering if I wasn’t addicted to it. Can you relate?


Suffering can take many different forms in our lives. It may be jealousy, sadness, anger, frustration or disappointment. We all experience these forms of suffering on a regular basis and this is normal. After all, we are still human beings, right?


However, thinking that we can’t do anything about it represents a complete lack of trust in our own power. I am sure Napoleon Hill and Eckhart Tolle would agree with me when I say that we have total power over our happiness and well-being (consciously and unconsciously).


Alright, I agree that this is easier said than done. After all, we don’t control what’s happening around us. But one thing is for sure; we have 100% control over how we respond to things that happen around us.

We have 100% control over how we respond to things that happen around us.


You might not control your boss’ behaviour but you can control the influence you allow it to have on your own life.


Basically all forms of suffering can be explained as a type of resistance we apply to what’s happening around us. When we experience anger towards someone else for example, we are resisting someone else’s actions or behaviours.


This person isn’t truly the cause of our suffering. The real cause of our suffering is the way you see the situation, the way you leave it impact your own life and well-being.


Resistance is actually the action of not fully accepting what arises. This indicates wanting something (or someone) to be different. This is the action of trying to change something that cannot be controlled.


Resistance puts you in a bad mood. It can turn a blue sky to grey and make you sad without understanding why. Resistance might make you want your loved one to cook more often or to love you in a different way.


And this is just for what’s happening externally. The same goes with what arises inside us; our emotions, feelings and sensations… Ignoring or fighting unpleasant emotions or sensations we don’t want to experience is resisting ‘what is‘.


Resistance, when it’s too uncomfortable, makes you overeat, buy clothes you don’t really need, makes you drink too much wine, have sex without love or abuse drugs and medication.


But we all know that ‘what we resist, persists‘. And indeed, the only way to get rid of the cause of our suffering is to accept it. Accepting ‘what is‘ without any judgment and being content with what’s happening is the key to a happy, healthy life.


We suffer when we resist the reality. Because we’d like things to turn out differently, we create frustration, sadness, anger and suffering.


Letting all that go, whatever happens by accepting and embracing what shows up, exactly as it is is total freedom and is the secret to peace of mind and true happiness.

- Pauline ;)

This week, I invite you to practice more ‘letting go’ and observe how this impacts your daily life.


Set an alarm on your phone reminding you to check in with yourself to see if you are resisting anything. Try this several times per day and observe what happens.


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  1. How can I let go of people, a city, that purposely put me out of business and then buy my business and did what they refused to let me do. says:

    I cant shake what was done to me and cant ever recover my business was stolen and I cant erecover I’m 67 years old, my legacy was stolen.

    • pauline says:

      Hey Dennis, I know it can be very hard and it’s definitely easier said than done. Totally agree.
      However, living in the past only makes you suffer even more. Try to shift your perception from what happened in the past to the new opportunities you’ve got. Try to focus on what you’ve learned from this painful experience and forgive others as well as yourself…
      Heaps of love

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