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In our modern society, lots of people feel confused about their relation to food.

I used to feel very confused in my relation to food. I was never sure of what was good or not, and used to worry regarding the quality or nutritional value of everything I put into my mouth.


Most of the time I felt quite guilty straight after eating and used to overthink my choices. This was painful and totally useless!


After recovering form 15 years of full-blown bulimia I can tell you that your relation to food shouldn’t be so complicated!


Now I am able to choose easily without any concerns what’s good for me or not. I feel perfectly confortable around food and I am not scared of eating something I will regret straight away. I am not using food to fill something missing or to numb my emotions neither and that’s the way it should be for everyone.


Food shouldn’t be a source of worry and discomfort and if it is, this is not part of your personality, this is not in your genes. This is something that can be improved like most things in life!


Can you improve your relation with food?


Do you feel uncomfortable around food?

Many people tend to feel uncomfortable in social events where lots of food is available. However, it’s not a normal reaction. If you have a peaceful relation to food this shouldn’t be your case.


Do you lack of self-confidence regarding your food /eating choices?

Do you feel uncertain about making the right choice and experience difficulties to decide what’s good for you? If it’s the case, your relation with food is definitely not as best as it could be. Being able to tune inwards and listen to your body signals is vital to have a healthy relation with food.


Are you over-controlling and over-concerned about what you eat?

Are you eating a diet extremely healthy, following extreme rules you’ve read in books and magazines? Even if you do that to be as healthy as you can, this type of behaviors will often lead to binge eating. People trying to be as healthy as possible, at any cost, often aren’t the healthiest. Chances are that they aren’t super happy neither. Being healthy is a balance.


Are you afraid of certain food or food group?

Don’t worry the food you are afraid of is not going eat you nor make you become obese if you touch it! I used to feel this way and have this type of phobia about putting on weight but this is definitely over reacting! You shouldn’t absolutely avoid certain foods or food groups by fear of putting on weight. Before making peace with food, some of my clients were even avoiding eating one single piece of cake from their birthday cake!


Does your relation to food impact your social life?

This is quite sad to experience that and you shouldn’t have to. If you have a healthy relation with food, this shouldn’t be the case but if it is, know that this is something we are now able to fix easily. I did it for myself and I am now successfully helping women all over the world to do the same.


Issues in your relation to food can be very painful and destructive. Unfortunately people don’t always know this is something that can be improved quickly and easily.


The good news is that our natural state is to have a peaceful relation with food and that this can be achievable with the right help and support!


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