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We’ve all experienced the feeling of being fat (fat feelings) at one stage or another.

Fat feelings leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. You may even feel dirty, heavy, or ugly.


Believe it or not, every human being has experienced these feelings at some point in their lives.

The ‘normal’ reaction when having an unbalanced relationship with food is to react with… food.


Often people choose to starve themselves, thinking this will address the cause of the discomfort. Or instead stuff themselves with food, thinking they should feel bad for a reason.


When struggling with food, we tend to associate the discomfort of fat feelings with our body weight. In other words, we often conclude that the root cause of this discomfort is with food itself.


If this sounds familiar (and I’ll bet it does) you are probably thinking that the best way to get rid of ‘fat’ is to lose weight.


After all, you naturally want to start feeling better in your own skin, which is totally normal. Even if that reaction makes perfect sense to you, when you actually think about it, it is a big misconception…..


Fat feelings have nothing to do with real fat cells.


The biggest misconception with fat feelings is to view them as physically real and to misidentify your fat cells in your body as the source of your fat feelings.


You think you are fatter because you feel fatter. But the truth is, it’s not because you feel fat that you are fat!


Many thin people feel fat and many obese people don’t feel fat at all.

Fat feelings are just feelings. They are not in your body, but in your head.


So bear that in mind: it’s NOT because you feel fat that you are fat.


This is why restricting or binging is not the solution despite the potential appeal.

If fat feelings were true, they would disappear once we lose weight. But we all know this is not true.

In the long term, restricting or binging actually REINFORCES fat feelings because they don’t address the root cause of the problem.


They will keep you stuck in the vicious cycle of your destructive patterns.

Stop listening and acting on fat feelings because they are a false message based on a feeling, not a reality!


Fat feelings can happen for many reasons: bloating, feeling bored, sluggish, full, depressed or even simple digestive issues can generate fat feelings.


Stop listening to these fat feelings and explore the real root cause instead. You will then start to effectively address and erase them all together.


To do so, just follow these 3 simple steps:


  • Recognise that you are not physically fatter than yesterday.
  • Realise that concrete actions around food won’t change anything. Restricting or binging will only reinforce fat feelings in the long term.
  • Tune-in and feel what is going on at the root.


Most of the time fat feelings are just a sign that some kind of discomfort or stress has appeared in your life. Fat feelings may manifest as an uncomfortable sensation or situation. This is your brain telling you that something unpleasant is going on. It is up to you to find the real cause of the discomfort.


By correctly identifying the root cause, you will be able to find a sustainable solution.

For example: If you feel stressed, do something that will relax you. If you feel sluggish, go for a walk, etc.


Taking correct action might not be the easiest step to take, but I promise that you’ll always feel great afterwards because you’ll be addressing the real cause of your discomfort.


Do something that will uplift you, something that will make you happier, lighter and I promise that the fat feelings will go away pretty quickly!


What about you?


Have you ever struggled with fat feelings? If yes, how do you manage them? Do you have some tips & tricks to share?


Or maybe, you got some great insights from this post to free yourself up?

Let me know! I’d love to hear about YOU in the comments below ;)




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    Thanks for a beautiful article Pauline!

    I think this is something we don’t really share with each other and it’s so great that you bring it up!

    Keep on sharing !



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