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Bulimia Recovery – What’s Your Biggest Dream?


Bulimia Recovery


Having big dreams is important in life. This is important for happiness, fulfilment, self-worth and development. But I think that having a big dream is especially important to recover fully from bulimia (or any type of disordered eating).


As bulimics, we are (very) often over-achievers and being able to have a huge life dream is definitely key to switch your energy from being destructive to something more positive and fulfilling. This will definitely help you to be successful in your bulimia recovery.


Watch this week’s video and take this week’s little challenge below to set-up your own “biggest dream” and move forward ;)


Dreams are just visions of what we are meant to do in our life.

- Pauline Hanuise


 Bulimia Recovery – What’s Your Biggest Dream?



This week’s tweetable: Dreams are just visions of what we are meant to do in our life.



What’s your biggest dream?

Share it in the comments below, let’s inspire each others and start to move forward!


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  1. jennalyce says:

    Thank you so much Pauline!
    I am a client and I am proud to say that in a few months of coaching with you I have made great progress – more than I ever imagined possible! I have been trying to recover for 7 years and now I am finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel and it’s wonderful. Thank you so much!
    I want to become a yoga teacher and help others find peace, happiness and relaxation.
    xox Jen xox

    • pauline says:

      Thanks so much lovely Jen!
      I am sure you will be an awesome teacher and help so many people to feel great and reconnect with themselves!

  2. jenny droho says:

    I thank our Heavenly Father for using your blog as a means of recovery for me. Thank you for your labour! My biggest dream is to hear “Well done good and faithful servant,” “you were faithful in a few things, here is more to do.” from my Lord and Savior, Jesus. I want to be a missionary, either here in Moncton, NB, or overseas in the Ukraine, really wherever God wants me. But I’ve come to learn the hard way, that I have to first look after the health and well being of me and my kids (putting God first essentially; because our bodies are the houses where He lives) and then we can be poured out for others. Romans 5:17 says “those who receive the abundance of His grace and the gift of His righteousness shall reign in life eternal”, so, in order to reign, I’ve got to humble myself, and receive! This means resting when the body is tired, and eating protein and healthy fats, and working out moderately at the YMCA – even if a guilty thought comes my way that the membership money could be used to help someone else, just go work out, receive God’s grace of being able to work out. One day I’ll be healthy enough to pour out the blessing onto others, right now, I need to be poured into! God richly bless you all, love in Christ Jesus to you, and His grace and life be in you, Jenny

    • pauline says:

      Yes, taking care of yourself, filling you up with positive energy and fulfilment will help you not only to overcome your issues but to be able to share that with others when you will be full.
      Do what makes you feel great and take time to recharge. This is so important.
      Keep going beautiful. A brighter world is waiting for you!

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