Pauline Hanuise

Do You want to regain freedom over food and finally get your life back?


  • Are you tired of the endless cycle of deprivation, bingeing and purging?
  • Are you tired of hiding this to your loved ones?
  • Are you worried about the impact of your destructive eating patterns on your health and beauty?
  • Have you got enough of wasting your money on binge and junk food?
  • Are you disgusted of bingeing on junk food when you are alone?
  • Are you tired of not having healthy relationships because of your eating issues?


I know how you feel because I’ve been through this

I’ve struggled with full-blown bulimia for more than 15 years. Check out my own bulimia recovery story here for more details.


Like you, I’ve been treated with many different approaches, therapy and antidepressants for years without success. And, like you, I thought this was my fault and that I was totally hopeless.


But let me tell you something:



If you want your life back, with the right help, information and support, total recovery, healthy eating & living is absolutely possible. No matters how long you’ve been struggling with this illness or how far you’ve gone down that road. I am living proof this is possible and I’ve helped countless women from all over the world recover from their eating issues. You can have a look at what they say here.


Recovery is truly amazing and easier than you think.


Once you regain freedom around food, you’ll be able to enjoy meals with your loved ones, regain self-love and confidence, feel better in your own skin and create healthier relationships and friendships with people around you. You’ll no longer be this woman that needs to hide something horrible and shameful to the world.


And don’t worry, this is all possible without becoming fat and obese ;)


All the women I’ve worked with and I, are living proof this is all possible!


And I promise that recovery is not a long and painful struggle that goes on for years. I’ve seen it countless times! When you get proper information, support and tools, you’ll be able to get results within a few months. If traditional eating disorder treatment fail, it’s just because they are not addressing the real problem.


I believe this is only when you will be fully at peace with food and your own body that you will have everything you need to stand up for your wildest dreams, be the person you want to be in this world and create the life you really want.


As a Holistic Recovery & Health Coach who has gone through the illness and the recovery process for many years, I know how to create a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve your goals and get rid of your destructive behaviour patterns.


Everyone is different. That’s why your coaching program will be tailored to your OWN specific needs, goals and concerns. My role will be to guide you to overcome your obstacles and give you the personal feedback you need to create the best vision you have for yourself.


Here are the benefits you can expect from my program:

  • You’ll regain freedom over food
  • You’ll achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • You’ll understand how your body and brain truly work
  • You’ll strongly reduce / eliminate the binge urges (and thus the purges and horrible emotions that follow)
  • You’ll understand and reduce your cravings
  • You’ll create a healthy, peaceful and natural relationship with food
  • You’ll discover what foods are supporting you and what foods are not
  • You’ll improve your health and happiness
  • You’ll increase your energy levels
  • You’ll feel great in your body
  • You’ll regain self-worth and confidence
  • You’ll get sparkling eyes, more beautiful skin and hair
  • You’ll learn how to support your body and reach your goals
  • You’ll improve your personal relationships
  • You’ll discover the confidence to create the life you want
  • You’ll improve your professional life
  • You’ll stop wasting so much money on binge food



Your personalised program will radically improve your relation to food, health and happiness.



So, are you ready to transform your life for good?

Contact me today and schedule a free chat to discuss your own goals and concerns and see if coaching is the right approach for you.



Click here to contact me to get more details and schedule a first confidential chat.


NOTE: Coaching spots are very limited. Please contact me via the link above for more details about my programs and on how you can reserve your place!




Frequently Asked Questions 



Who is this program for?


This coaching program is for people who recognise they have an issue in their relation with food and really want to make improvements, get better and heal. But I bet that if you are here, it’s probably because you already know there is something wrong and that you deserve a something better.


As Thomas Edison said: “Discontent is the first necessity of progress“.


If you are aware enough that something is not working to look at a better way, with the right help and guidance, you are about to experience major shifts and improvements. My job is to guide you and explain you what you need to erase your destructive patterns and reach your goals quickly and efficiently.


Who is this program NOT for?


This program is not for people who need emergency counselling or have been pushed in a recovery treatment by someone else. This program is also not for you if:

You are not medically stable and need intense medical treatment.

You are not ready to move forward and let go of your destructive behaviours.

Finally, this is not for you if you are not ready to step-up and explore what’s outside your comfort zone.



I don’t live in your country, do you conduct Skype consultations?


YES. Actually, I am mainly working with Skype consultations because it’s much more efficient & easy. You don’t have to waste your time and money in transports and you can enjoy your sessions from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live. On top of that, I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to open up when you are in a safe environment you know and love, which generates better results.


Don’t have Skype yet? You can download and install it for FREE on



What can I expect from the coaching program?


If you are ready to get the life you deserve, you can expect miraculous changes. All the women I’ve worked with have not only improved their relation to food but to themselves and to the world (relationships, professional life, friendships, family environment, etc…) in just a few months.


Total recovery doesn’t happen overnight unfortunately, but while everyone is different, you can definitely expect to see huge improvements within 3 to 5 months.


What if the program is not the right thing for me?


My mission is to help you get the best life ever by regaining freedom over food and self-confidence, that’s why I invite you to start my coaching program. If you don’t feel this is the right thing for you and don’t get results after the first few months, we will stop whenever you want if you’re not satisfied.


NOTE: I require you to show up for all the coaching sessions as well as completing your exercices during the coaching period.

Why? Because I know that if you commit to recovery you will get great results with this program, wherever you’re at right now.



What’s included in the coaching program?


Everyone is different and while the program will be tailored to each person specific needs, goals and concerns, there is a wide range of inclusions and tools, which will be made available to you. The program includes:


  • 2 x 1 hour sessions (or 4 x 30 minute sessions) tailored to your specific needs
  • Personal notes and recommendations after each sessions
  • Self-hypnosis audios to reprogram your subconscious
  • Tools and exercises tailored to your specific needs
  • Handouts and documentation that will increase your knowledge on different levels
  • eBooks, documentaries, recipes and other helpful material
  • Free priority email support between the sessions
  • My personal commitment to your health and success


What is the price of the program?


Personal Holistic Health Coaching is not the cheapest approach as it’s tailored on your personal needs and concerns but it’s probably the most powerful way to get sustainable results quite quickly.


The program cost starts at US$499 per month of coaching (which includes 4 x 45 min sessions as well as a complimentary introductory call and priority email support + all the tools and material you need).



NOTE: basic support is also offered to students who have enrolled and went through my whole online program “Make Peace With Food“. Existing students who need more support to apply the concepts seen in the course, can choose a basic coaching package.


This starts at $250 per month of coaching (usually 2 x 45 min session per month as well as priority email support and all the extra tools and material needed).


Contact me today to schedule a first Skype call (free of charge) to discuss your own goals and situation and see if 1:1 coaching is the right approach for you.



I am ready to transform my health, wellbeing and happiness and get the life I want! What’s the next step?


That’s just awesome!


I am really excited you are considering coaching because I know this will change your life! The next step is to simply contact me here to schedule a first chat with me. We will discuss your health history and your own goals. This way we will make sure we are both on the same page and that coaching is the right approach for you!


Do you have any other questions or need more guidance?


Just drop me a line via my contact form, I’d be more than happy to get in touch with you ;)



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