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Binge Eaters, Bulimics… Are You Really Mentally Sick?


That’s a big question, right?


Most treatments are approaching eating disorders sufferers, binge eaters or bulimics as mentally sick people. This is why, 99.9% of the time you get psychotherapy and anti-depressants when you seek help for destructive eating patterns.


But do you really think you are mentally sick?


When I was full-blown bulimic, I knew I had an issue. I can even tell you that stuffing yourself up with craps and throwing up over 5 times per day – no matter where I was – every single day for 15 years is like a MAJOR issue.


But it was still hard for me to believe I was mentally sick.


On the opposite, I was super organised (of course you have to be organised to binge and purge several times a day without anyone noticing), I was super successful in all other areas of my life (can you even believe I still had energy for that) and I didn’t have any personality issue or depression. I was not loosing my mind, I was clear, focused and determined.


I actually coached many women in the exact same situation, even better… some of them had kids on top of that and were still managing successful businesses and teams. While super sane and healthy stay at home wives or mums (without any eating issue) can be totally exhausted managing their kids and their home… Go figure!


What I mean by that is if eating disorders are considered mental illnesses, I think we can safely say that everyone has a mental problem. We all have control issues, we all have a part of us that is trying to get better all the time at who we are and what we do (thank god), we all want to be healthy and beautiful and this is not a sign of mental illness.


I think traditional medicine is still wrong about eating disorders and this is why they don’t manage to get better results with their treatments!


I deeply believe that in order to get better, you have to believe that you don’t have an issue. Just simple changes in the way you think and perceive food and your body can get you out of this dark hole. No anti-depressants or years of therapy needed!


If you think you’re useless and ugly, how you can reverse this situation? The first thing will be to stop accepting this as a set reality, of course, so you can act accordingly and change.


So, if you think you’re mad and will never be able to get better, just let me know how you can get out of this?

Of course you have to stop accepting this as a reality to make change possible!


This is one of the reasons I am wearing a sexy-fancy dress on the Make Peace With Food pictures and not a straitjacket ;)


When all other approaches treat you as if you were mentally sick, this is NOT what you’re going to get with me, sista!


Pauline Hanuise


Depression linked to eating disorders is just a consequence of malnutrition (or malabsorption). This is why people who suffer from celiac disease are often treated for depression at the same time… because they don’t absorb what they need to feel good.


If you don’t eat enough or purge your food, chances are that you don’t absorb what you need to feel great either. And this is the only reason why you might feel disconnected, depressed, inadequate or just lost interest in life.


This is why re-nourishing your body is one of the very first steps you have to make in order to focus on sustainable recovery. If you keep depriving yourself, you won’t manage to get anywhere but in the binging and purging cycle once again.


You’re not crazy nor mentally ill, you’re just malnourished ;-)


And the good news is… re-nourishing your body is easy. You can use superfoods, supplements and heaps of nutritious food such as green smoothies, homemade soups, bone broths, and more to do so…


If you need an extra push, I’d love to welcome you in the Make Peace With Food online program.

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