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It’s been a while I wanted to talk to you about a new brand I just discovered because I think it’s truly awesome.


It’s often difficult to find quality AND natural AND organic hair care products…


Well, I think I found a great one and I wanted to let you all know (this is not a sponsored post, so I don’t earn any money if you decide to buy. I wanted to genuinely let you know because I love them).


Less Is More is a brand from Austria created by the perfect team: a hair stylist (Hannes) and a chemist (Doris) who both decided to ally their talents to launch their own high quality brand.


The result is outstanding. Amazing and powerful hair care products made from natural organic ingredients ONLY!


I’ve tried their 2 bestsellers and I’ll let you know what I think about them in more details below:


hair care products


1. Rose Serum


Special care for dry, thick or damaged hair. It’s an intensive treatment that has a glossy and anti-frizz effect. It contains rose essential oils and other beautifying organic natural oils such as jojoba, apricot and coconut.


I’ve tried this product 2 ways. The first time I just used a few drops and applied them in the lengths of my hair. The glossy and healthy effect was just perfect. It wasn’t too oily and the smell was absolutely delicious.


The second time, I’ve applied a bit more serum at the ends but also on the scalp and left it over night. I washed my hair in the morning and they were definitely softer and more beautiful. I loved it.


2. Herbal Tonic


Is a treatment that clarifies, refreshes and soothes the scalp.

You just have to spray it onto your scalp for extra care and freshness, massage and leave as it is, without rinsing.


The smell is really fresh and is perfect for the day to day life. I particularly love it after a day at the beach and / or under the sun. I apply it both in the morning and in the evening.


It’s made from 100% organic essences and contains hazel, nettle, birch, melissa, immortelle, rosemary, lavender and neem, which I know for its amazing hair beautifying properties. I used to buy the first cold pressed oil when living in Bali. The results were incredible but the smell was so strong that I ended up throwing the oil away (my boyfriend didn’t support it… and me neither). You won’t have the same issue with this spray ;)


This spray is very invigorating and applying these products are such a relaxing, self-loving moment. This is really worth it, no question about it!



You can check out Less Is More’s website here but first I’d like to hear from you!


Do you already have a special hair care product range that you love?

Or maybe you already knew Less Is More? So, which products do you love most?

Start a discussion in the comments below, we’d love to know!


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