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30 days of you



I have something incredibly exciting to share with you.


I’ve teamed up with some truly amazing women (most of them are wellness experts) to create a global movement for women to renew and reignite their life from the inside out. It’s called 30 Days Of You.


This is the ultimate 30-Day Challenge led by experts (including me!) to align the mind, spirit, body and soul. It’s valued at over $1,400 and is now accessible for a small fraction of that price (less than $200). And you’ll be amazed by what’s included!
I’ve never seen something so valuable as an offering to empower women.


When you join, you get:


- Access to the group coaching,
- Lifetime access to the private community (experts included)
- Lifetime access to all the resources (online programs, eBooks, meditations, online yoga classes, trainings, etc)
- And you also get your own personal Triangle Of Health delivered to your door!


We are on a mission to impact 500 women’s lives through this movement #impact500women.


This is the ultimate bundle to help you make 2017 YOUR best year ever!


This will help you in creating an awesome year, getting the right mindset, getting clear on what you want to achieve, getting motivated about achieving your dreams, and improving your health and peace of mind all at the same time.


All the experts will be in the private coaching group, so you’ll receive personal recommendations from all of them (Life Coaches, Wellness Advisors, Holistic Health Coaches, Business Mentors, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, etc…)!


So if you’ve been craving inspiration, new opportunities, or vibrant health, this is your chance!

I am super excited about this life-changing program and I hope you’ll be joining us!


To join us, simply order your Health Triangle by following this simple process:


1. Click here to get to the shop

2. Click on the “Details” blue box

3. Select “Kyäni Triangle of Wellness FX Pack”

4. Proceed to check out by entering your details

5. Forward me your customer confirmation email, so I can add you to the group coaching and welcome you into 30 Days Of You Challenge.

6. Any question, send me an email at info [at]


Also, if you know any woman who could benefit from this, feel free to share the good news! This is for them if they are struggling with a health issue or if they’d like to create something new in 2017.


Thanks so much to help us make a difference in this world!

If you’d like even more details about the challenge, sign up for our free webinar on Wednesday.


Sending heaps of positive vibes your way,


IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: The entry to the challenge is actually the price of your own Triangle Of Health (USD 179 – that’s all!) delivered to your door, so it might vary slightly from one country to another due to the shipping cost. But there is a 30 Day Money Back guarantee on it. So if you’re not happy after 3 weeks of use, you just have to let us know and we will arrange for your money back (minus shipping), no question asked!


So you literally have nothing to lose ;-)


$190 is not even the price of a single coaching session with one of the experts. Most women (including me) have reported feeling more energy and clarity of mind within 14 days! So don’t wait anymore ;)


30 days of you


FREE eBook + email coaching

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