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The Role Of Willpower While Recovering From Bulimia… Big question my friend!


Willpower While Recovering From Bulimia


This week, I am talking about willpower and why recovery has nothing to do with it.


Many people think that binge eaters, bulimics or obese people can’t recover and fix their issues because of a lack of willpower. In this new recovery video, I am explaining why it’s not true and why eating disorder recovery doesn’t work with willpower. You will also have an idea about what recovery looks like and what it is to be recovered.


If you know that willpower is not quite enough to recover from bulimia, binge eating or other distorted eating patterns, and are wondering what works, check out this page to get more details and resources about how to stop binge eating.


If you know someone who might be struggling with disordered eating or even chronic dieting, feel free to share this video, as this will probably help them to get better!


The Role Of Willpower While Recovering From Bulimia




I’d also LOVE to hear from you? Have you ever notice that you might have all the willpower in the world, when it comes to recovery, that just doesn’t make it? What’s your experience? Let me know in the comments below…

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