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Stop Binge Eating & Transform Your Life For The Better


stop binge eating


Let me start this post with a very loud WOOHOO!!!


The ‘Make Peace With Food‘ online coaching program is LIVE - available on Udemy, a worldwide known and popular online university!


Watch the trailer – in which I tell you my whole story – here:



Kathryn Hansen, author of “Brain Over Binge”, is guest teacher and will also be on the program with us!


I know from experience that real life only starts when your eating issues disappear.


The earlier you start working on a better life for yourself, the better and easier it’s going to be. This is why I want to support you to take action NOW!


When you enroll you’ll receive:


  • A time sensitive saving option on the program price
  • FREE email support with me personally to make sure you get the best out of the program.
  • A FREE copy of my recipe book with heaps of easy and healthy recipes.


So, if you’re tired of trying to eat the perfect diet and control your weight, just to end up bingeing when you’re alone, don’t waste another minute. NOW is the time to take action and I am here to support you!


I’ve experienced this destructive way of eating myself for years and have successfully recovered. I know you deserve more than what you’re going through [I am sure you know it too] and I can truly help you to break free.


Click here to get more details + FREE lectures + get all the free goodies when you enroll.


Also, if you have family and friends who need help with destructive eating behaviours, please help me spread the message to people who need this program or share it on social media by clicking below.


Thank you for your support and for helping me spreading food freedom and happiness in this world!



Love you!




Get all the details + access some FREE lectures + benefit from the saving offer



My life has completely changed in an extremely positive way: my eating disorder has gone and I AM NOW HAPPY!

- Aline D.


I am excited about the future and I know that RECOVERY IS 100% POSSIBLE for me.” 

- Jennifer P. 


“This program is full of powerful insights and scientifically supported tips (which I love as a scientist by trade) to finally make peace with food. It walks you step by step, inch by inch through profound wisdom and well known healing applications, to finally be able to step away from this awkward emotional roller-coaster when it comes to body love, food and joyful eating.”

- Alexa



Get all the details + access some FREE lectures + benefit from the saving offer



FREE eBook + email coaching

Get 7 Secrets To Make Peace With Food:
your FREE eBook + a 2-week email coaching series!

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