Making your own coconut kefir is much easier than I thought. I was so surprised when I realised how easy it was. On top of that, it’s so good for you.


Kefir comes from the fermentation process, which creates heaps of beneficial bacterias that replenish you gut and intestinal flora.

As a healthy gut is primordial for an optimal digestion and for our general health,  it’s always good to help our body out by adding good bacterias into our diet.


You can find kefir by asking at your local health food store (or if you are in Australia or NZ, here is a list of suppliers). On my side, I’ve found some at a local farmers market. It’s not always easy to find it, as you have to ask for it, but once you got some, you can re-use it forever, as it will grow when fermenting. Kefir is actually a bacteria that will eat the sugar found in your coconut milk to stay alive. You can keep it in your fridge with a little bit of coconut milk.


What you need


  • 1 whole young coconut or some coconut water and coconut shreds
  • 1/5 cup kefir



What you do


- Blend your coconut flesh (or coconut shreds) with the water in your high speed blender.

- Add the kefir grains in a glass bottle (glass is better for fermentation). Here I’ve used a 1L bottle but if you have a smaller container, you can use less kefir.

- Poor the liquid on top of your kefir and shake the bottle.

- Leave your coconut milk fermenting for 1 to 2 days (fermentation will happen quicker outside the refrigerator).

- Serve cold and shake well before serving!


Enjoy :P


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