Pauline Hanuise Food Wellness Coaching

Do you want to improve your relationship with food, be at your ideal weight and truly love your own body and your food?


Well, you’ve come at the right place! My nutritional guidance program might be the perfect thing for you…


Have you been wanting to:


  • Make naturally the best and healthiest food choices for you
  • Stop dieting and restricting while being at your ideal weight
  • Improve your relationship with food and stop worrying about calories, fat or sugar
  • Understand perfectly your own body and cravings
  • Stop overeating
  • Be vibrant and full of energy
  • Have sparkling eyes, glowing skin and shiny hair
  • Wake up in the morning overflowing with positivity and enthusiasm
  • Get more self-confidence
  • Improve your health and happiness
  • Being able to get the life you REALLY want


I know what it’s like…


A few years ago, I was still struggling with overeating and dieting every single day. In fact I’ve struggled with full-blown bulimia during many years. I am now totally recovered and probably have a much healthier relationship with food than most people do.


I am now totally at peace with food and feel great in my own body. I feel happier than ever and I am not dieting, restricting or overeating anymore. In fact, I eat what I want when I want and I exercise only if I feel like to.


This freedom totally changed my life and I realised that so many incredible and beautiful women are wasting a part of their lives because they are not totally at peace with food and themselves.


I am not sharing this to tell you how beautiful is my life right now but just to let you know 2 key things:


  • I totally understand where you are and how you feel
  • I can show you exactly how to improve that and get the life you truly deserve



I’ve helped many women from all around the world to do so. You can have a look at what they say here.


I believe this is only when you will be fully at peace with food and your own body that you will have everything you need to stand up for your wildest dreams and create the life you want.


And that’s why I am working with 1:1 coaching, so the entire focus is on YOU! My role, as a Holistic Health Coach, will be to guide you to overcome your obstacles and give you the personal feedback you need to create the best vision you have for yourself.


Your personalised program will radically improve your relation to foodhealth and happiness.


So, are you ready to transform your life and wellbeing?

Contact me today to discuss your own goals and see how we can work towards a better life.



Coaching spots are very limited. Please contact me via the form below for more details about my programs and on how you can reserve your place!




Frequently Asked Questions



Who is this for?


This coaching program is for people who want a better relationship with food and their own body. This program is for people who want to know what’s in their plate and be able to know what’s best for them.

I am working with people who are ready to make improvements and lifelong changes to be at peace with themselves and create the life they really want.

As Einstein said: “Discontent is the first necessity of progress“.


If you are aware enough that something needs to be improved, with the right help and guidance, you are about to experience major shifts and growth. My job is to guide you and explain you what you need to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.


Who is this NOT for?


This program is not for people who are not ready to move forward and don’t want to experiment with new foods and techniques. I am not working with people who are constantly negative, dramatic or always blame outside circumstances for their own results. Finally, this is not for you if you are not ready to step-up and explore what’s outside your comfort zone.


I don’t live in Sydney, do you conduct Skype consultations?


YES. Actually, I am mainly working with Skype consultations because it’s much more efficient & easy. You don’t have to waste your time and money in transports and you can enjoy your sessions from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live. On top of that, I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to open up when you are in a safe environment you know and love, which generates better results.


Don’t have Skype yet? You can download and install it for FREE on

I am also conducting phone consultations.


What can I expect from the coaching program?


If you are ready to get the life you deserve, you can expect miraculous changes. Most of the women I am working with (all of them actually) have improved their relation to food, to themselves and to the world (relationships, friendships, family environment, etc…) in just a few months.


What if the program is not the right thing for me?


My mission is to help you get the best life ever by creating a beautiful relationship with food and your body as well as regaining self-confidence, that’s why I invite you to start my coaching program. If you don’t feel this is the right thing for you and don’t get any results after the 3 first months, I am happy to refund 100% of your money.


NOTE: I require you to show up for all the coaching sessions during the 3 first months as well as completing your exercices before processing your refund. Why? Because I know that if you do it, you will get great results with this program.


What’s included in the coaching program?


Everyone is different and while the program will be tailored to YOUR specific needs, goals and concerns, there is a wide range of inclusions and tools, which will be made available to you. The program includes:


  • 2 x 50 minute sessions per month
  • Personal notes and recommendations after each session
  • A large range of tools and exercices tailored to your specific needs
  • Handouts and documentation that will increase your knowledge on different levels
  • eBooks, documentaries, recipes and other helpful material
  • Free email support between the sessions
  • My personal commitment to your health and success


What is the price of the program?


Personal Holistic Health Coaching is not the cheapest approach as it’s tailored on your personal needs and concerns but it’s probably the most powerful way to get sustainable results quite quickly.


The program cost starts from US$250 per month of treatment (which includes 2 x 50 min, unlimited email support and all the tools and material you need). That doesn’t even represent 2 coffees – or green juices – per day. So, when you think about it, this is pretty reasonable when you think this will not only make you save money on the long run but also improve your health & change your life!


Contact me today to schedule your first Skype session (free of charge) to discuss your own goals and situation.



I am ready to transform my health, wellbeing and happiness and get the life I want! What’s the next step?


That’s just awesome! I am really excited you are considering this program because I know this will change your life! The next step is to simply contact me here to schedule a chat about your own goals (free of charge).


Do you have any other questions or need more guidance?


Just drop me a line via my contact form, I’d be more than happy to get in touch with you ;)



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