My Trip To Malta In Pictures

I am sharing with you one BIG news... probably the first step we took to create financial freedom...

My Trip To Malta In Pictures

You know, we’ve recently visited Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean sea, just 2.45 hours flight from Brussels and 90 min boat trip from Sicily.

While we wanted to visit it because we thought we could possibly live there – you know, it’s the kind of sunny lifestyle we love – we had no idea what would happen when being over there…

This place is just gorgeous and I also have some great pictures to share with you – check out the little gallery I’ve created below. So keep on reading to discover what’s the big news that will change our lives and see the beautiful pictures.

The island has everything we like; delicious fresh Mediterranean food, some yoga studios and health food stores, a sunny weather almost all year long and the sea, which is all over as the island is really small.

As the days went by we realised we really liked this place. Then, just for fun, we started to enter some real estate agencies and visited a few places to get an idea of what was the real estate market.

Nothing crazy until a few days before the end of our trip, we visited a great apartment and decided to make an offer. As the offer was first rejected by the owner, we were almost certain that we could just forget about it and were grateful for these beautiful holidays.

But on the morning of our departure day, the owner called our real estate agent to say he accepted the offer. Can you believe it?

Just a couple of hours before our flight we were still at the Notary’s office signing the contract with the owner. Our real estate agent had to drive us to the airport straight after that. We were just on time for our flight.

Just a few hours later, we were at one of my favourite restaurants in Brussels to celebrate that with a delicious organic meal and a glass of champagne. It was like space and time didn’t exist anymore. So unreal.

And man, I can definitely tell you that this crazy day will stay engraved in our mind forever. 

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever visited Malta? If so what did you like most?

If not, did you ever buy a property? Do you have any tips or recommendations to make sure the whole process goes smoothly?

I know we will all greatly benefit from your experience, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!




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