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Your Liver Detox At Home


It’s easy to fall into the deprivation cycle after an overindulgent period (such as Christmas, New Year or Easter). But if you want to bring your body back into balance, this is actually the worse thing you can do.


Instead, try to bring more of the good things into your diet and cut down on what put too much strain onto your system, and more particularly, onto your liver!


Your liver is responsible for a wide range of vital functions and health-promoting tasks such as blood sugar management, fat storage and blood flow regulation. However, one of he most important functions of our liver is to chemically break down what enters our system.


Your liver has the important job to filter what enters our blood stream and what needs to be flushed away, which has obviously a HUGE impact on our general health.



The foods that help cleanse the liver are the following:


Lemons and limes, garlic, onions, eggs, turmeric, extra virgin first clod pressed olive oil (raw and in moderation), grapefruits, beets, carrots, cabbage, green tea, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, avocados and dandelion.


Unlike the kidneys, our liver needs some proteins and zinc to be supported, so having some fish and/or eggs several times during the week is definitely a good idea. If you are vegan, having at least 2 heaping tablespoons of spirulina per day – on top of your usual protein intake – is recommended.


When doing a liver detox at home, I would recommend you to kick-start your day with a cup of hot, clean and filtered water with a dash of fresh lemon juice 10-15min before breakfast to allow your system to flush the toxins away.


Beetroot juice as well as foods rich in B vitamins and minerals from the metal group are highly detoxifying because the metals will bind with toxins and flush them away.




Don’t forget that if you want to help your liver (as well as your kidneys), it’s also important to avoid the foods that put a lot of strain on it like caffeine, alcohol, drugs and refined products such as sugar, table salt, white rice and white flours (pastries, white pastas, white bread, etc.). Our liver is also quite drained by sugar (all types). So avoiding honey, sweeteners and maple syrup is essential when doing a liver detox!


Here are some recipes to get you inspired to detox your liver easily:


• My Liver Detox Juice

My Liver Detox Smoothie

Kale Lemon & Coconut Smoothie


Keep in mind that if you want to make the most of your detox, it’s a good idea to add some super foods (spirulina, maca powder, chia seeds, hemps seeds, wheatgrass, coconut products etc.) to your juices and smoothies as well as taking a multi-vitamin supplement containing some magnesium, zinc, Vit-D, B-complex and C.


PS: find more tips about liver detox here.


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