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I’ve got a great news to share with you all! This year Jessica Smith is relaunching her “Join The Revolution” campaign. This is a great way  to increase awareness about poor body image and we would love you to be involved.


Last year, Jessica created a YouTube video, which received astounding feedback. As a result of this, she has been granted funding to create another short video with the same powerful message; encouraging young women and men to talk more about the pressures surrounding Body Image and appearance in today’s society.


The goal is for this video to reach each and every school student in Australia!


That’s why we are asking for your support, by simply taking a photo of yourself holding the ”Join The Revolution” sign, as per my picture above (you can download the sign below). If you are ok to allow Jessica to use it in her new video, you can send it to me via email at pauline.hanuise at

If you do not wish to appear in the video, simply post the picture on your Facebook wall or Instagram. You can also tag Jessica (@Jessica Smith) and myself (@Respect Yourself & @paulinehanuise), so we can see it and share it with our community ;)


So far, Jessica has managed to involve some truly amazing people including, Layne Beachley (7 time World Champion Surfer), Eamon Sullivan (Olympic Swimmer), Sarah Wall (Melbourne Vixens – Netball), Kelly Cartwright (2012 London Paralympian), Ros Worthington (OAM, Philanthropist & Founder of Breast Care WA & the Love Angels Foundation), Adam Ballinger (Melbourne Tigers NBL), Kurt Fearnley (OAM, Paralympic Champion & Wheelchair Marathon Racer), David McKeon (Olympic Swimmer – London 2012) – just to name a few.


If you are happy to be involved (and all that is required is a clear photograph of yourself holding the sign) then please print the attached “Join The Revolution” logo and have someone take a photo of you or if you want, get a group of mates to be involved as well.


Just try to get a clear picture, with barely anything in the background to avoid distraction from the sign. Try to avoid any clothing with prints or visable branding. Solid colours are best if possible. It’s all about you being happy with your image; so as long as you are comfortable with the photo then that is all that matters.


Please Join The Revolution and help us spread this important message and lets work together to help change the culture of negative thinking associated with Body Image, Eating Disorders & Mental Illness.


Please ensure that your image is emailed to me As soon as Possible as production is already underway – so you don’t want to miss out!


Download the logo


Click the “Join The Revolution” logo of your choice to have it full size. Then right click the image and save it on your computer. 

Join The Revolution Pink

Join The Revolution Blue



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