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It’s that time of the year gain!


I can’t believe it’s the holiday season again. I am not sure if it’s me but 2013 has flown by so quickly. My wish for all of you is to spend AMAZING holidays and I wanted to help by giving you all my tips and ideas to be at your top for this special period of the year.


Christmas and New Year is a period where people often indulge in foods and drinks a bit too much – even if they don’t have an eating disorder ;) Can you relate to that?


I am sure it’s the same for everyone, we all have food pushers and big heavy dinners around us during this time of the year. Food and alcohol are everywhere and we are often faced with very unhealthy options such as sweets, alcohol, fatty and sugary foods.


Not being vigilant to what’s in our plate often leave us feeling congestionned, bloated and heavy. However, this is not how I am going to spend my holidays and I am sure you don’t want that for yourself either.


That’s why I’ve created a super healthy menu for you that will leave you feeling great this amazing period of the year.


Here is My Healthy and Easy Christmas Menu for you


Just click on the titles or pictures to access the full recipe and instructions.


Enjoy this special time in the kitchen! Cooking for my loved ones is one of my favourite activity. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do ;)



Kale Chips With Avocado Dip


Healthy And Easy Christmas Menu



Avocado & Quinoa Salad With Tumeric Sesame Prawns





Tofu Lasagna With Roasted Root Veggies






Raw Vegan & Sugar-Free Chocolate Brownie





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