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Connie ChapmanI am very happy to have the beautiful Connie for this week’s guest interview. Connie is the creator of an amazing and truly inspiring blog: a life of perfect days (this is how we met).  I reckon everyone should have a look at her blog as I am sure your will find the motivational words you are looking for. You can also check out her Facebook page and her Tweets.


Connie is a transformation coach + dream life designer living in Sydney, Australia. When she is not working, you will find her hanging at Bondi beach, drinking green juice, practicing yoga or curled up with a good book and a cup of herbal tea.


Could you please explain what brought you there/how did you find your path?


I grew up with a hippy mum and I was exposed to natural therapies and alternative practices from a young age. At the age of 6 I started seeing a Chinese doctor and at age 12 I completed training to become a Reiki practitioner. My mum was really health conscious and often took me in to health food stores which fascinated me. She also had a huge array of personal development and spiritual books which I started to read from about the age of 18. I became addicted to books by Anthony Robbins, Louise Hay, John Demartini and Deepak Chopra. When I was 19 I developed a love of yoga and meditation and started practicing them daily for hours on end.


As I moved in to my 20’s I found that I started to neglect these gorgeous practices. I put my health and spiritual practices on the backburner and the party lifestyle totally took over. I completely lost myself there for a while. I spent years jumping from job to job, relationship to relationship and trying to find my happiness outside of me. It wasn’t until I was 28 that I realised something had to change. I was absolutely miserable, single, in a job I hated and was not taking care of my body.


It was then that I made a decision to turn it all around. I dived back in to my meditation practice, raw foods, juicing and yoga. I started re-reading all my books and working with a wonderful life coach. I also started my blog a life of perfect days. Within 6 months I had a new home, a new job, a much healthier body and a new relationship (which I am still in to this day!). A year later I began training to become a life coach myself and then another year later I quit my day job to start my own business and work full time as a coach. I absolutely love what I do and I haven’t looked back since!


What’s new and good regarding your projects & what do you plan for the near future?


2013 is going to be a big year and I have so many exciting plans on the horizon. I am working on a new website which will launch soon, and I have written my first ebook which will be released with the new site. I am also creating new and exciting coaching programs, and I am also planning some workshops that I will run in 2013.


My plans for the near future are to just continue to stretch myself outside my comfort zone and continue to grow my business so I can serve as many people as possible. 


What was your best holiday/trip & why?


For my 30th birthday my boyfriend bought me a trip to California. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I researched every raw food café + juice bar that existed in LA and we just spent out trip trying them all. I fell in love with LA, particularly Santa Monica and I love the food that was available over there. I cannot wait to go back.


What’s your favourite beauty product/cosmetic? 


Rosehip oil, without a doubt. It used to be scared to put oil on my face but I now think it is one of the most nourishing things you can give to your skin.


What’s your most important health secret?


Alkalising. I really believe this is the key to heath. I try to fill my diet with as many alkalkine foods as possible. I have daily green smoothies and veggie juices, and I eat a big leafy salad each day. I start my day with warm water and lemon juice and I also put apple cider vinegar and some stevia in my water and sip on that all day.


Life is a continual improvement, what did you learn lately?


I recently learn a massive lesson in trying to make things go according to my plan, instead of turning inwards and to listening to the divine plan. When we are encountering challenges or road blocks sometimes we try to push harder and harder in order to make things go the way we want them too. I have learnt that when things aren’t flowing, you need to stop what you’re doing, sit down, get quiet and turn inwards for guidance. Do not try to fix a problem from your head. If something is not working, it is usually because there is better way or another solution. So, stop forcing and instead tune inwards, listen and wait for guidance.


What tip/advice would you give to our readers to help them reach their dreams/happiness?


Live from your heart and do what you love. I honestly don’t think you can find true authentic happiness unless you are doing what your heart yearns for. When you do what you love, life becomes magical, your dreams unfold easily and happiness is effortless.


Connie’s favourite:

Connie Chapman



I love and approve of myself just as I am” – It is a classic Louise Hay quote but I think this is one of the most powerful things you can say to yourself.




I have so many favourite quotes, but at the moment these beautiful words by Joseph Campbell are really guiding me.


Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.




It is hard to pick one as I am a massive book nerd, but I would have to say “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh. That book completely transformed the way I see myself and my life.




I have a closet obsession with Radiohead and they have been my favourite band since I was 13. I think Thom Yorke’s voice is out of this world.




I recently quit drinking coffee and tea, so I am going through a bit of a raw cacao phase as part of my transition off caffeine. I love making raw chocolate puddings! I simply blend together banana, avocado, raw cacao powder, raw almond butter, maca and a small amount of almond milk. It is the most delicious treat and it is super nutritious.




The Secret. I know it has it’s pro’s and con’s and definitely does not paint the full picture of how ‘creation’ works, but I still find it really powerful. I think I have watched it around 20 times and it never ceases to inspire me.


Season & why


Summer!! I love the outdoors and I love the beach. I also love blue sunny skies and balmy nights, so it is definitely summer.




One of my favourite things to do is walk the Bondi to Bronte coastline with either a friend or my boyfriend. It is such a picturesque walk and it always makes me happy.



Organic medjool dates. Oh they taste like caramel! I can’t eat too many of them as they upset my stomach but they are my go to snack when I want something sweet.


You could not live without…

My MacBook Pro. My life totally changed when I switched from a PC to a Mac. I love it! I pretty much live on my computer these days and I have no idea what I would do without my laptop.

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