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As I explained you in my last newsletter, while it’s easy to keep your mind busy with new plans or exciting projects, I recently experienced a HUGE calling to be more mindful and focused on the present.


A business man literally died in front of me, in the middle of the street, from a heart attack. I am not going to explain all the details here as it doesn’t matter but as you guess, I was totally shocked (as everyone would be). I could barely move and this event stayed with me since then. This sent me straight back in the present moment, for sure! I guess you are able to see life in a whole different way after experiencing this kind of events and this is exactly what happened to me.


You become more aware that this can happen to all of us so quickly, at any time. You realise how we are taking things for granted and how sad it is to see people living their whole life in an unauthentic way. People can spend their lifetime doing something they don’t like, staying in an abusive marriage or abusing their own body with food, alcohol or drugs (I was one of them).


I am now focusing on every little things and every second of my life. I know that our one precious life is too short to waste it in a career you don’t like, to be constantly judging your own body or actions or to waste years struggling with food and eating issues.


If you too, you want to live in alignment with your authentic self and make the most of your one precious life, improve your health or finally fix your eating issues and regain self-worth and freedom, don’t waste another day! Life is now and I’ll be more than happy to help you make the most of it. Contact me here!


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