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Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide: Interview With Kathryn Hansen


This month, Kathryn Hansen, bestselling author of Brain Over Binge is releasing a brand new book “Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide”, in which I am giving some nutritional tips and advices to help you fast-track your recovery process.


This new guide is a self-help book that goes with the main and first book “Brain Over Binge”. It will help you determine what’s best for you in recovery through little exercises and reflections.


In this interview with Kathryn, you’ll not only learn more about her new book but about many important recovery concepts.


Through this interview, we hope to give you the keys to move forward in your own recovery process and inspire you to dig deeper, so you too, you’ll be able to put bulimia and binge eating in your past.


You’ll learn about what has helped us in our own recovery journeys as well as some of our personal tips.


We really hope this will help you!


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Here is what you’ll learn in this video:


  • How trying to be healthy can hold you back and what to do instead (that doesn’t include eating crap!)
  • Why you have to feel your urges and how to stop acting on them
  • How to become mentally more flexible and how this can help you in recovery
  • Why you may suffer from food / sugar addiction and how to get over it more easily
  • How Spirituality and gratitude can help you move forward in recovery
  • You’ll also hear about Kathryn’s recovery story as well as my own




Brain Over Binge Recovery Guide: Interview With Kathryn Hansen





Watch our first interview here.


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